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Dark Highlands Kills at North Europe

Hats on Sticks Pictures have picked up 2 more awards for their Scottish horror “Dark Highlands,” from the North Europe International Film Festival. The award ceremony at the Crowne Plaza in London’s Docklands was attended by a large group of eager film makers, and the festival organisers Dan Hickford and Steve Grossmith kept everyone happy with a great mix of food and shiny awards. Dark Highlands received awards for Best Sound Design in a Feature, for Mark Stirton’s amazing work in crafting the entire soundscape for the movie and Best Supporting actor in a Feature for Steve Campbell’s portrayal of several iterations of the terrifying ‘Gamekeeper.‘

Attending the festival were Hats on Sticks Producer, Michael G. Clark, lead actor and executive producer, Junichi kajioka and executive producer Zani Mikyta. A great night and a really enjoyable festival. Hats on Sticks Pictures would like to thank the organisers and everyone at Fusion International Film Festivals who made the event a fun and memorable one.

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