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Who is behind the curtain?

What is Hats on Sticks?

Hats on Sticks Pictures is a UK based production company founded in 2014 by Michael G. Clark to create original feature films and television drama. Michael, who has over 18 years experience as a producer and production designer shares operational duties with talented writer/director Mark Stirton. Previously the team were responsible for a number of features and shorts produced under the Stirton Productions banner - such as the award winning sci-fi blockbuster 'The Planet' (2006) and British Independent Film Award nominated 'One Day Removals' (2009).


Hats on Sticks Pictures first production, "Dark Highlands.” Is completed and released in North America by Gravitas Ventures.

"Hats on Sticks Pictures doors are open and we're ready for business"

Why Hats on Sticks?

A brief history of Hats on Sticks

Imagine, if you will, the campaigns of Napoleon Bonaparte. Running about Europe and Africa, putting some stick about and generally winning lots of battles. Napoleon was a smart chap and knew how to talk to his army, by giving them rousing speeches and getting their blood up before a fight. To show their support of their general, many of the troops would wave their caps - but what about those folk in the back - well they started putting their caps on sticks so the wee man could appreciate their support.

After a while, the practice filtered to the civilian populace and later across the channel to jolly old Britain. By the late 19th century, people were waving their hats on sticks at every public event. Elections, riots,  sightings of Spring Heeled Jack etc. So grab a stick and wave your hat, proudly.

Hats on Sticks
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